When we have completed a job, we appreciate prompt payment.

We understand that life is busy, and most people need to work!  If we have seen a job with you we do not necessarily need you home, but we do want you to see our work in person before you pay us. 

If you are present when the job is complete:

our preferences in order-

  1. We prefer payment by cheque or e-transfer.
  2. We can accept credit card or debit payment at the door .
  3. We do take cash, but not as a means of avoiding taxes due.

If are not home to make the payment-


We frequently do jobs with no one home. We are happy to leave an invoice, but that does not mean we are willing to wait a month or two for payment. We will leave a printed invoice usually in the front door and if we have your email, will also send a digital copy. Please transfer or mail your payment promptly!

IMPORTANT!:  Always reference the invoice number with your payment. We often receive payments under a different name and/or address, and have difficulty matching them to the job.

our preferences: