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About us

Covid-19 RUSH!

 It is relatively easy for us to maintain social distancing and other compliance with covid-19 protocols, so we are able to keep on serving you. BUT- Due to people being at home a lot, and not travelling, we have seen a massive spike in demand that is outstripping our capacity. Some days it feels like EVERYONE wants us to beautify their property with our curb edging. This massive rush of work is the norm for most landscaping and home improvement services. This will definitely mean longer wait times than normal.  Additionally, we may be unable to service small orders under 80′ .  We have ramped up productivity by mobilizing a second crew. You will be dealing either with Best Curb (David Thomas) or Curbify Inc, (Evan Jodoin) and will be billed under respective names, but the product and service will remain as what you have come to expect from us. 


Evan Jodoin- Curbify Inc.

Evan has worked with David since spring of 2019. He is gradually taking over the business as David is gradually retiring. Either Evan or David will come to give you an estimate. Evan will be taking care mainly of  homeowners. His artistic flair and innovative approach plus his experience as David’s right hand man leave him well qualified to serve your edging needs.  Work will be respectively done and invoiced under separate business names, but the product, quality and commitment to service remain the same. 

David Thomas- BestCurb 

As David retires slowly from the curbing business, he will be operating a smaller crew and rig. He will be taking care mainly of North side clients and some landscapers and homebuilders. 


David has operated Best Curb as a family business since 2001.

I work this job in the summer, overhaul my machinery, do handyman work and christian ministry in the winter. In 2020, I spent the winter months in an extended prayer and study retreat at Prairie College, doing master’s level work on

“The Throne of Yahweh and the work of a prophet”

here is a paper I wrote Feb 2020 on How to test for false prophecy .You might find it interesting. It applies to how to test the validity of claims to spiritual authority- like preaching you hear at church, but any kind of communication really.  Another paper on the Divine Council.  This shows some of what goes on behind the scenes in our world.  And here is a very interesting Exegesis of Ezekiel 8:17. This is a rather shocking scripture I bet you never heard preached on before!   I’m very active in my church, Westlock Baptist, working on digital communications there. Click HERE to see that website which I built and maintain at this time.  



We are by far, the most experienced curbing company in Edmonton, having done thousands of jobs.

Our product is “made in Alberta” for this climate. Beware of Florida, Texas and California originating products/methods that are not suited to our harsh freeze-thaw conditions. Our curbing process is a bit simpler than some, but tougher under our harsh local conditions. We don’t go for the deep stamps, bright colours, inserted lighting and gimicky finishes that don’t stand up to wear and tear.



We are not a franchise, so without the middleman we can give

personalized service and a quality product at a cost you can afford.

When you call, you are dealing with us, not an 800 number “call centre”. we do not send a ”representative”

You know who you are getting every time.


 Claira- the latest addition


What you see on this website is all our own workmanship.


We don’t show samples we bought from a factory or albums of work that was done by someone else.

So you won’t see palm trees and cactuses in pictures of our curb!

That's what you call a pat on the back from the boss! Good job, Carson 


Curb is HAND WORK, not a mass produced product.

You need to hire an artist for your curb project, not a beginner armed with just a photo album or factory made samples of work.I have an artistic side that loves to create nice lines and graceful shapes in your landscape, and care about the results.




I have made well over a half million feet of curb on my own knees

That’s enough to circle Edmonton twice on the Anthony Henday!  About 5000 jobs, over 17 years, so I am no beginner!

We have outlasted many curbing startups  

No other curb company in Edmonton has as much experience. Hire the wrong one and you could get really bad results (click to see).



Our equipment is far superior to off the rack stuff others use.

I am an inventor, and have built my own trailer, extruders, sod cutters, and other proprietary equipment that no one else in the industry has, making us extremely efficient.

We have some very innovative processes and tools that set us apart from others in this business.


“Under-Promise and Over-Deliver”

Unlike so many tradesmen, I do not jerk you around with excuses.

2016 crew



We believe in honest business practises, hard work, and a quality product. We don’t evade taxes or do unethical deals

If you hire us to do a job, we will not disappoint you.

Licensed, Insured, WCB Compliant 


We don’t only do curbing. That would really suck!

In the off season we have other personal interests including christian ministry.

Here are a couple of photos that might interest you:



To see our product in real life near you, click here to use a map on the see-for-yourself page

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