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Covid-19 RUSH

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Covid-19 RUSH

Covid-19 RUSH!  update late May 2020

It is relatively easy for us to maintain social distancing and other compliance with covid-19 safety protocols, so we are able to keep on serving you. Landscaping is a low-risk service and fits under the general construction exemptions to the self-isolation order.

BUT- Due to people being at home a lot, and not travelling, we have seen a massive spike in demand that is outstripping our capacity. Some days it feels like EVERYONE wants us to beautify their property with our curb edging. This massive rush of work is the 2020 norm for all competent and established landscaping and home improvement services. This will definitely mean longer wait times than normal. Please be patient. We are not shirking work. We are putting out at a high level, often doing 6 to 8 jobs per DAY. This is way more productivity than any other curb business in this area. Please check with competent competitors if you are in a rush to get work done but do keep in mind many in the business are “weekend warriors” packing factory made samples but lacking expertise.

You can speed things up if you need by : 1) By simply ordering work by using our self-estimating tool then placing an actual order rather than waiting 2-3 weeks for an estimate. 2) By prepping the area yourself- see prep info

Additionally, we may be unable to service small orders under 80′. We likely cannot accept ANY job under our posted 50′ minimum. These jobs are not very cost-effective and when we get buried in them we cannot service profitable jobs.

We have ramped up productivity by mobilizing a second crew. You will be dealing either with Best Curb (David Thomas) or Curbify Inc, (Evan Jodoin) and will be billed under respective names, but the product and service will remain as what you have come to expect from us.

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