Commercial curbs

Extruded pin-on asphalt curbs are a cost effective alternative to conventional cribbed pin on curbs

We are equipped and experienced to efficiently install pin-on curb to suit your timetable.

Our system is tidy and compact.

We do not tie up the parking lot space- keeping your project moving ahead. 

We are experienced, equipped and insured to do quick, efficient commercial installations 



We can install horizontal steel reinforcement, Rebar and/or Cable,  Pin and Bond the curb to Asphalt 

Various profiles are available- even custom profiles up to 8X8″


We do specialty work like this custom curb in a dairy barn

It takes skill to extrude good straight lines like this.
custom angled curb. Apparently cows won’t stand on an angled edge, so they don’t linger at the door to their pen, leaving manure where it is harder to remove, instead, they use the alleyway where automated scrapers clean the manure!

Parking Lot curb Repairs too- see photos in gallery below